Planting A Startup Garden

An interesting local-centric twist on the VC / Accelerator concept.

I like it!


“We’re less interested in deal-making than getting things going. Perhaps I’m just naive.”

Those are the words of Rick DeVos, founder and CEO of the Michigan-based Start Garden, a $15 million investment fund located on the West Side of the state that’s throwing money to startups every single week. And after spending some time around their downtown office, I can tell that it’s clear that Rick is anything but naive. The young VC knows exactly what he’s doing.

I recently attended an Update Night at Start Garden. Here, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, sitting equidistant from Detroit and Chicago, lives this vibrant investment fund that is committed to the region. Financed by the DeVos family of Amway fame, Start Garden is more than just a general investment fund. It’s a fund that’s trying to cultivate a startup ecosystem where there isn’t one.

“Our goal is to make a return but…

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