Amazon founder Jeff Bezos calls for governments to end patent wars like Apple v Samsung |

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos calls for governments to end patent wars like Apple v Samsung |

Another major mover and shaker (this time, no less than Jeff Bezos), joins the chorus of voices recognizing that the time has come for patent reform!


2 comments on “Amazon founder Jeff Bezos calls for governments to end patent wars like Apple v Samsung |

  1. So, how do you balance (1) respecting the rights of owners (and putative owners) of patents with (2) the desire to eliminate the waste that so often occurs in patent litigation?

    • That, of course, is the $64,000 question. There are several things that can be done with relatively little pain that would no doubt help the system: (1) adopt a loser pays system in patent litigation, thus increasing the cost of frivolous suits, (2) place higher burdens on plaintiffs to substantial claims at the filing suit, such as require affidavits of support from qualified experts supporting the allegation of infringement, and (3) increasing the scrutiny placed on patents during the application process (the “prior art” research on current technology patents is, in many cases, woefully inadequate, and analysis for “obviousness” appears to be equally anemic). While steps like these will not necessarily solve all of the issues facing the patent system, they would certainly help significantly.

      Another more systemic issue to be dealt with is the nature of what should be patentable, with particular reference to software. This is a hotly contested issue, but given the extreme rapidity with which software advances and the increasing prevalence of “look and feel”-type user interface elements being patented (despite their often clear “obviousness”). the true utility of such patents to materially advancing technological innovation is, at best suspect.

      This, however, is a complicated area and there are valid arguments on all sides. As such, sculpting the systems to appropriately balance the interests of rights holders with the Constitutional goal of promoting “the Progress of Science and useful Arts” will be a tricky undertaking at best. The difficult involved, however, does not make the need to find a workable balance any less critical to our economic future.

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