Patent Wars Are Resulting in Negative Consumer Sentiment

An interesting look into the effects on public opinion (at least in the U.S.) that the current round of patent wars is having. Of course surveys like this do beg the question: “Will this kind of negative sentiment ultimately push companies away from scorched earth patent litigation (whether as a result of legal reform or out of concern for their reputation in the market place)?” The jury is still out.


With Apple and Samsung still duking it out in the patent courtroom, a survey of U.S. consumers conducted by Morpace has taken a look at how the dispute is playing out among the gadget-buying public. Apple, it found, comes out pretty rosy, but ultimately the survey delivers some discouraging conclusions about where cases like these are taking the mobile industry overall.

Last week, a study from Localytics noted that sales of Samsung’s latest device, the Galaxy S3, have actually being doing quite well since Samsung lost a $1 billion patent verdict to Apple in August — growing on average about 9 percent every week, including the one where the iPhone 5 was launched. So it is a little surprising to see that according to Morpace’s results, general consumers are now showing more skepticism about the Samsung brand as a whole.

According to responses from 1,000 adult consumers — Morpace says…

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