Chattanooga hosts GigaTank Demo Day

It will be interesting to see what percolates out of Chattanooga’s GigaBit Ethernet roll-out. If this accomplishes what I suspect it will (namely, creation of a new tech mini-hub in Chattanooga), then perhaps this is something that the GA 400 corridor should consider to differentiate itself from the Ga. Tech centered tech hub in Midtown Atlanta!


Over a dozen teams of entrepreneurs and students worked feverishly all summer in Chattanooga, Tenn.’s GigTank startup accelerator to develop gigabit apps that showcase the power and practical value of the country’s largest gigabit network. On Thursday, more than 500 techies, financiers and business mavens gathered to see the fruits of this year’s “summer camp for geeks.”

The premise was simple. Recruit nationally and internationally to select eight two-to-four-person teams of entrepreneurs and 11 students who formed their own teams. Offer $150,000 in cash prizes as the reward. Turn the teams loose in two- and three-month pressure cookers of accelerated application development.

In a process one participant described as a cross between Survivor and American Idol, we saw two primary outcomes. GigTank unleashed great creativity tempered by a real-world gigabit environment, and it’s helping people understand that apps don’t have to require a gig to benefit from a gig…

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