Jason Biggs’ “Love Letter” to the Publishing Industry

Funny article! Even with tongue firmly planted in-cheek, Jason Biggs hits one point out of the park: the publishing industry has lost its way. It is desperately divided between “hanging on for dear life to a business model that simply cannot survive in its current state” on one hand and”recklessly dashing off to grab every quick, cheap dollar they can grab, at the expense of nurturing and developing author relationships and championing those authors to the world” on the other.
I, for one, hope that the publishing industry can find its way again. The industry is important avenue for literature to reach the consumer (assuming it can keep from completely self-immolating). While new avenues may emerge even if the industry in its current form goes the way of the Titanic, the damage to authors and consumers alike would be far worse than if it simply would come to grips with the changing market place and EVOLVE.


Look guys and gals in publishing, sit down. You can bring in your Coco Water. Totally. Yeah. We have some gluten-free sandwiches coming in and I promise this won’t affect summer hours. You can still not come in on Friday. Yeah, you can take off your loafers. Whatever.

Ok. I know you’re confused and hurting. Revenues are falling and ebooks are killing your old surefire model of shipping books in big boxes to big stores where they were remaindered and sent back for pulping. We had some good times. Remember all that money you made on cookbooks? Before the Epicurious app? Good times. That shit paid for your house on the Vineyard.

So look, here’s what’s up: you guys are killing yourselves. Like this. You’re paying what? Probably six figures for a book based on Text From Dog, an arguably funny Tumblr that, in book form, will sell a…

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