Investing in the Mobile Enterprise | PandoDaily

Investing in the Mobile Enterprise | PandoDaily.

This is a great article on the need to assess how a company’s workforce can be empowered by mobile technology and the value of investing in tools that will achieve and capitalize on that empowerment.

A key quote from the article (in fact, a re-quote from a recent report which inspired the article) which give a good flavor of its content:

““My collaborator and editor Jeremiah Owyang and I began with a hypothesis that, as the age of ‘mobile = email’ has come to a close, are mobile employees being served with the proper applications to make them be more productive? Our guess was that they weren’t, and largely, rollouts are just getting started. But there are already some lessons to be learned. The most important is that different roles have different needs from mobility, and determining who is using mobile today, and what their needs are from mobile, is the first step to a defensible mobility plan.”

The article goes on to discuss the process for coming up with a practical and appropriate plan for leveraging mobile technology.

This is definitely a good read for any company that is thinking about the role that mobile technology may play in its workforce and how to leverage such technology to its best advantage.


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