The Growing Gulf Between Silicon Valley and the “Non-Valley”

Traversing the Valley — Tech News and Analysis.

This article does a nice job of highlighting the fundamental ridiculousness of the snobbish divide between Silicon Valley and extra-Valley corporate world. In fact, without stating it outright, it highlights not just the gap between the Valley and corporate world, it more highlights the gap between the Valley and the not-Valley.

The ever increasing gap between Silicon Valley and the rest of the innovation economy does not serve either side of the gap well. The Valley is in danger of succumbing to the hubris and tunnel vision of world so singularly focused on itself. The non-Valley innovation economy suffers from a clear  inferiority complex which runs the risk of creating an instinctive oppositional reaction to innovations coming out of the valley in terms of business methods, corporate structures, and other such business-centric, non-technical innovations.

Hopefully, both sides of the divide will recognize the disservice that they are doing both to each-other and to themselves. While a utterly homogenous business environment is neither possible nor desirable, the willingness to teach and to learn symbiotically will only benefit the innovation economy as a whole.

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