How Litigators are Using the iPad to Better Serve their Clients

Tablets are finally starting to move beyond mere content consumption devices into actual productivity devices. There are some interesting ideas here, including lawfirms providing devices to select clients to ease communication and interaction. Now THAT is an innovative idea!

Network 1 Consulting

by Tony Rushin

As reported in the ABA Journal [July 8, 2011 Litigators Provide iPads to 20 Clients, to Help Them Stay Connected to Cases],  last year two litigators at the Phoenix, Arizona law firm, Fennemore Craig, provided iPads to 20 clients in their biggest cases. Corporate clients generally have smart phones and other cutting-edge technology, but working class individuals often don’t.

The iPads help clients keep track of what’s happening and keep the 180-attorney firm informed of developments. One client found it useful to take photos of the scene of her accident and Skype with her lawyers. The iPads also make it easy for clients to reach their legal team. Using Google voice, a single toll-free number rings the desk and cell phone of every member of the team until someone answers.

“They are always able to reach us. That’s a big criticism of lawyers that sometimes we’re…

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