The Semantic Web Commeth!

The Semantic Web is coming! Silk is an interesting step towards the goal of creating context in information floating about the Web. It’s just a step, though and more is coming. This is a concept who’s time has come and its arrival will open up not only new uses of data inhabiting the web, but will make both the underlying data and the uses that can be made of it infinitely more accessible.


Almost since Tim Berners-Lee first came up with the original concept of the web, there’s been a new, improved version on the horizon: the much-promised Semantic Web. This, goes the thinking, is a way to make the online world more useful by categorizing everything on a page with a layer of extra information — data that can tell your browser that one particular series of numbers is a date, say, while another is a price. This, in turn, allows your computer to understand more about the information it processes, theoretically making it easier to identify events on the date you’re looking for, or items at the price you’ve chosen.

It’s an ambitious goal that has been chased by many folk over the years — and yet, for all the effort to bring the Semantic Web to life, the reality of the situation is that it always feels just out…

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